About Us

Leading our way in sustainability!!

Grown in the state-of-art laboratory, Brilliance diamonds will provide the industry-defining lab-grown diamonds with the pioneering technology. We are rooted in innovation, and disruption and with the goal of utmost commitment towards bringing in the highest quality lab-grown diamonds at an affordable price.

 Integrity… Innovation…. Effulgent!!

Brilliance diamonds help you to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments by aligning with your values. Our stones will meet the modern customer expectations and we aim to set a new standard for sustainability and social responsibility in offering lab-grown diamonds. We give excellent polished stones to our amiable customers. We also take into account detailed offers for our diamonds relying on different manufacturing abilities. Our group of expert and experienced professionals produce engineered diamonds with worldwide standards of value. Also, they have manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified environment – which is recommended for its products.


Together, with our team of expert professionals, our diamonds are highly versatile and enriched to wear for your special and memorable occasions. We examine each of our diamonds carefully and are tested with a quality rating – ensuring their purity.

Bespoke diamonds and unparalleled service….


What We Believe

Brilliance diamonds believe in creating a positive difference in the lives of customers and we inspire with our core values of producing high-quality diamonds. We shape the stones to make the peoples’ moments beautiful and along with that, we shape our culture with integrity and passion. Our accountability and commitment to the customers will help us to move on the path of continuous improvement towards providing rich lab-grown diamonds.


No Carbon Footprints

No animals harmed

No groundwater polluted

No land displaced

No wildlife displaced

No conflicts funded

No local communities displaced