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“Never dull your sparkle – Shine all day with Brilliance diamond”

Our engineered and cultured diamonds are made with advanced technological processes – which exactly match the diamonds that are naturally grown beneath the Earth’s crust when they form in the mantle. Our lab-created diamonds with carbon atoms are resilient, strong, and beautiful, arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. The lab diamonds that we create comes with a consumer-friendly analogy and are environment friendly too.

Exhibiting the same optical and chemical, physical, atomic properties, our lab-created diamonds are readily available in varieties of colorless and fancy colourful ranges. You can discover an extensive collection of high-quality lab-grown diamonds with the tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. Brilliance diamonds are the leading lab-grown diamond wholeselling, retailing, exporting company across the globe.
“Perhaps our greatest variety of lab-grown diamonds will make you encounter evolutionary choices”

What We Do

Brilliance diamonds will make you ‘worth the wait – but not for millions of years to get a guaranteed conflict-free DIAMOND. You can make your high-end affordable price purchase with us, as we focus on creating diamonds with advanced technological processes.

“As real as a mined diamond”

The entire process starts with a ‘diamond seed’ and we process it in a special chamber with mimic conditions like within an Earth’s crust. We transform this into a magnificent diamond by processing it in the lab conditions like HPHT and CVD methodologies. 

Why People Choose Us

With our best ethical practices, we provide lab-grown diamonds that are of brighter quality , affordable pricing and sustainable in nature. People choose us, as they trust us with the process we follow providing unique and coveted pieces of diamond that are more obtainable. 

The competent team: Our stunning pieces are provided by a team of friendly, empathetic, and knowledgeable customer service representatives who will go above and beyond to make sure every customer is satisfied.

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